Jumping Castles Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the castle hire?
Our hires are for all day! So you choose a time for us to drop it off and a time for us to pick it up. We will confirm these when we call you a week before your booking to check the details.
Are your castles safe?
Yes, our castles are made specifically to Australian safety standards and they are inspected annually by a work safe approved engineer. Some of our inflatables are registered with work safe as required by law. We also conduct daily checks on the castles and equipment to ensure our customers safety.
Can we get the castles wet?

Sure, you can get the hose out and spray the kids down on a hot day but avoid doing this directly on the castle, accidents occur when castles become excessively wet and slippery. Just ensure the water is turned off an hour before we arrive so it’s dry for collection.

Water should not be used in conjunction with the disco ball and Bluetooth speaker in any circumstances.

Can we get the slides wet?
Yes, slides are different and we all know they are more fun when extra slippery. Just ensure the water is turned off an hour before we arrive so it’s dry for collection.
What time can we get the castle dropped off and picked up?

You can choose the time and let us know when we call to confirm your booking a week before. Drop off times are normally: 7-11am & collection from 4-7pm.

Evening hire delivery and collection times are different:
Drop off is before 5pm and collection from 7am the following morning.

We want to have it set up in the local park, is this possible?

Yes, it is. All we ask is that you check with your local shire first about the process because every shire is different. We have full public liability and are covered up to $10 million. If the shire requires more cover let us know.
For park parties, where access to power is limited or unavailable, we have generators for hire.

We do not have power available, do you provide generators?
Yes we have generators for hire for customers that don’t have access to power. All of our generators have the latest technology, meaning reduced noise, giving you the customer a better experience.
What surfaces can the castles go on and does it have to be flat?

Ideally a flat level surface, but we can also set up on a slight incline or decline. The ground surface needs to be free from sharp objects and obstructions.

The overhead height also needs to be taken into accounts, such as trees and cables.

We set can up on grass, concrete, paving, dirt and sand.

What about the weather ?

All our bouncy castles and slides can be used in the rain. The castles have built rain covers which protect you from a shower and also the sun’s harmful rays.

If the rain is heavy, stop using the castle and turn the blower off. Accidents are more likely to occur in the wet. If it has rained, just leave the castle blown up, this will help it dry.

If it becomes really windy then the castle should be deflated until the wind has dropped.

Once the wind has passed, switch it back on again and enjoy. Safe operating wind speeds will be fully explained to you when we deliver your castle. We will also be monitoring the wind in your area for the duration of the hire.

If it is raining, or rain is forecast, the disco ball and Bluetooth speaker option will not be available.

What events do you do?

Love Bouncy Castles will cover every and any event. You name it and we can deliver it.
We do birthday parties, weddings, wedding anniversaries, hen nights, exhibitions, day care centres, schools, Australia day, advertising (your own business artwork on our castles), fund raising events, fairs, community events, the list is endless ….. Any event where you can visualise a castle, we can cover it.

How can we pay?
Payment options – You can pay via EFT, i.e. bank transfer or payment cash on delivery. For bank transfer funds need to be cleared in advance of delivery.